Top 6 Food Processing Companies in California

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Best Food Processing companies

1. American Pasteurization Company

About Us

American Pasteurization Company (APC) is the first company in the United States to offer High-Pressure Processing (HPP) on a commercial tolling basis to the food manufacturing industry. HPP kills bacteria that can cause spoilage and food-borne illness and greatly extends shelf life.

We are applying HPP to foods and beverages – rather than heat pasteurization – results in products with a fresher taste and better appearance, texture, and nutrition. HPP pasteurizes foods and beverages by uniformly applying extreme hydrostatic pressure around and throughout a food product, deactivating the cellular activities of foodborne pathogens and other spoilage organisms. American Pasteurization is one of the most popular Food Processing Companies in California


APC offers all our services alongside product testing and development, several types of food co-packing, post-HPP packaging, pack-off, and assembly. APC can also help arrange co-manufacturing and filling of cold-pressed juice and premium beverages, assist and refer customers with cold storage, distribution, and transportation service needs, and can connect customers with trusted providers of packaging and laboratory and consulting services at both our Milwaukee and Sacramento locations.

2. Triple Foods

About Us

It was 1976 and greatness was coming up everywhere. Apple computer was born, the first space shuttle was unveiled, the U.S. bicentennial was celebrated, and Triple H Foods Processors was founded. Thomas Harris Sr. had a vision for Triple H where his values for fairness and customer service continue through his family today.

Thomas Harris Sr. was an icon in the food purchasing industry in Southern California and his reputation was stellar because of one simple trait –  “he was honest as the day is long.”  He was admired by his customers and his suppliers because he treated people fairly. 

After 28 years in the purchasing industry, he decided to open up his own business with his two sons Thomas Harris Jr. and Richard Harris, and hence Triple H Foods was created.


With over 130,000 sq. ft. of space, our facility handles a wide variety and large capacity of drinks, sauces, jams, and syrups. We run multiple lines simultaneously and enforce rigorous quality standards of cleanliness, efficiency, and testing.

These standards extend from ingredient processing to final shipments. Our goal is to deliver your product in the manner and method you expect. Triple H Foods believes business should be done the old-fashioned way: based on customer service, trust, and personal relationships.

  • Address – 5821 Wilderness Ave, Riverside, CA 92504, United States
  • Phone No – +19513525700
  • Website-

3. Ready Pac

About Us

We work every day to turn quality, fresh-cut produce into complete (and completely delicious) ready-to-eat salads. We created the Bistro Salad Bowl, the first on-the-go salad to truly have it all: fresh greens with delicious protein, toppings, and dressing, all conveniently packaged to enjoy just about anywhere.

You might say it’s our claim to fame. Our commitment to producing the freshest quality products is what keeps us growing every day.


We believe we grow a better world when we feed the good in people. That’s why we work to make it easy for you to choose food every day that’s good for you, and for the future.

Options are designed to fit your life, (not to mention your appetite) and are available wherever you get your fresh fix. A new variety of flavors that just might make healthy eating the best part of your day. Recycle-ready bowls that make recycling a breeze.

  • Address – 4401 Cypress St, Irwindale, CA 91706, United States
  • Phone No – +16268568686
  • Website-

4. horizon nut

About Us

Horizon Nut Company is a cooperative pistachio processing organization owned by California family farmers. Pistachios are brought to our facilities from throughout Butte, Colusa, Fresno, Glenn, Kern, Kings, Madera, Merced, and Tulare Counties.

We hull, dry, and process at facilities in Tulare, Lost Hills, and Firebaugh. We are an important employer and community member in the regions where our plants are located, and we work hard to support California agriculture as a whole.


We are prepared for rapidly increasing demand for processing capacity, a demand that will double in the next five years. We are aggressively expanding to provide service to growers across the Valley and the state.

Our 2020 vision – where we will be at the end of the decade – is to create a processing capacity of 100 million pounds annually. This is the home of the true family farmer, and you will have a kindred group of dedicated partners helping get your crop from farm to table. Our grower group is 45-strong, and they are hands-in-the-dirt business people just like you.

  • Address – 14633 CA-33, Lost Hills, CA 93249, United States
  • Phone No –  Telephone +1 559 685 3663
  • E-Mail – E-mail:
  • Website-

5. Felber – Best Food Processing Companies in California

About Us

From two brothers to one of the leading food and beverage companies For 70+ years, Felbro has been proud to be a family-owned business—that is also an internationally-trusted partner. As the behind-the-scenes team to some of the most exciting food and beverage brands, there’s nothing we’d rather be doing.


For years, we’ve been providing food service solutions that are both high quality and high volume. Able to bulk up on a surprisingly tight timeline, we have the large-scale capacity—with a personalized experience. You seek an innovative partner who has the right supplier relationships and desire to make your brand stand out. Having helped grow some of the biggest companies in the business, this is exactly what we do.

At Felber, our in-house equipment for packaging and retailer relationships allow us to offer a genuinely competitive price. Obsessed with formulating the most innovative, on-trend products, we start there, then can do direct shipping or distribution.

  • Address – 5700 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016, United States
  • Phone No –
    • P: 323-936-5266
    • F: 323-936-5946
  • Website-

6. Hppfs is a Food Processing Companies in California

About Us

HPP is a natural food processing method that uses cold water and up to 87,000 psi to neutralize listeria, salmonella, E. coli, and other pathogens. We strive to create a trusting partnership and a resilient and flexible environment as well as to maintain our high standards of operations where our customers can grow.

Our operations team along with the Avure scientists offer the expertise, professionalism, and support that our customers need to succeed and weather the obstacles that come their way.


  1. Products that are ideal for HPP: 
  2. Juice & Smoothies 
  3. Beverages 
  4. Guacamole & Salsa 
  5. Meats 
  6. Ready-To-Eat Meals 
  7. Meal Trays and Meal Packs 
  8. Spouted Pouches 
  9. Wet Salads, Dressings, and Dips 
  10. Soups 
  11. Hummus 
  12. Snack 
  13. Packs and Dips 
  14. Cream and Dairy Spreads 
  15. Sauces 
  16. Purees 
  17. Baby Food 
  18. Pet Food
  • Address – #B, 6535 Caballero Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620, United States
  • Phone No – +19496297652
  • Website-

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