Can Urologist Treat Kidney Infection?

Usually, people may rely upon a nephrologist for attaining kidney infection. An individual must note that treatment for kidney infection can be carried out by an urologist. Besides that, a person should note that urologists play a crucial role in deciding the treatment plan for kidney infections. Apart from that, the doctor can aid in preventing this disease as well.

A reader can go through this article to know more about the urologist’s role in managing kidney infection. Moreover, an individual may come across several other treatment options for this disease.

Will Urologist look into Kidney Infection?

A urologist can see into kidney infection right from the beginning till the end. In general, a person’s diagnosis of kidney infection as well as treatment can be handled by these medical professionals.

However, an individual should seek immediate medical attention when a kidney infection comes up. Besides that, a person must book an early appointment with a urologist for this purpose.

What are the prime symptoms of Kidney Infection?

Most importantly, an individual must remember that kidney infection symptoms appear after two days of this infection. Besides that, a person should realize that symptoms can vary per age. 

A few prime symptoms of Kidney Infection may include the following:

  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Burning or pain while urinating
  • Blood in the urine
  • Bad-smelling or cloudy urine
  • Frequent urination or the feeling that you need to urinate
  • Chills

But, children who are aged 2 or less can just experience high fever with a kidney infection. Simultaneously, an individual who has attained 65 years of age can have mental confusion as well as jumbled speech. However, people need to note that kidney infections may end up threatening lives at times. 

What are the main causes of Kidney Infection?

People have two-fist sized kidneys on each side of the abdomen which helps in waste filtration. Mostly, an individual needs to know that proper kidney functioning is important for health. In addition to that, one should understand that bacterial or viral growth in the kidneys can be dangerous. Eventually, an individual’s bacteria can multiply by spreading into the bladder. 

Certain other causes of Kidney Infection may include the following:

  • Bacteria may enter from somewhere else into the body.
  • Urine flow can get blocked due to some reasons.
  • Surgery of the bladder or the kidneys. 

What are the ultimate risk factors for Kidney Infection?

Usually, any individual can become the victim of a kidney infection in their life. But, one needs to focus on certain risk factors that can create the risk of having a kidney infection. 

Certain ultimate risk factors for Kidney Infection may include the following:


Mostly, women have the utmost risk of suffering from kidney infections as compared to men. A woman’s urethra is shorter as compared to that of men. Following that, women can enable easy access to bacteria present in their urinary tract. Moreover, a woman’s bacteria may spread easily into the urinary tract as the urethra is closer to the vagina and anus.

Weak Immune System

Many people who have health issues like diabetes, HIV, or AIDS can end up becoming the victim of kidney infection. Moreover, an individual who takes drugs for suppressing the immune system can be impacted.


At times, a person’s urinary tract shifts in pregnancy for which bacteria gets entry easily. Ultimately, an individual may suffer from a kidney infection at that time. 

Difficulty in Emptying the bladder completely

An individual suffering from urinary retention can also have the issue of kidney infection. 

Therefore, people may have different risk factors depending upon which kidney infection can come up. Following that, an individual should remain aware of these risk factors every time.

Which diagnostic tests are used for kidney Infection?

Normally, a healthcare provider may ask several questions about the medical history of the patient. In addition to that, doctors would check the crucial symptoms indicating kidney infection as well. 

Certain other diagnostic tests conducted for kidney infection may include the following:

Rectal Examinations

Males can go for rectal examinations if they are suspected of having a kidney infection. Mostly, a doctor may conduct a rectal examination to check whether the prostate has been enlarged or not.

Imaging Tests

A urologist may recommend several types of imaging tests for ruling out kidney infection. In general, one’s healthcare provider may go for MRI Scans, CT Scans, or Ultrasound Tests.


Normally, an individual needs to note that a urine sample gets examined under a microscope through urinalysis. Besides that, doctors may also look into WBC count by doing this examination. 

So, one may go through different kinds of diagnostic tests for confirming kidney infection. Furthermore, an individual needs to know that the treatment procedure may begin only after the diagnostic tests.

What are the top treatment options for Kidney Infection?

Usually, a doctor may look into the reports of diagnostic tests to determine the treatment for kidney infection. In general, an individual’s treatment may differ from others due to several reasons.

Certain top treatment options for Kidney Infection may include the following:


In case, an individual may showcase the symptoms of kidney infection then antibiotics can be suggested. Following that, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics before the test results come. However, an individual should complete the whole course of antibiotics as well.


An individual who is having enlarged prostate may go for surgical intervention for the same. A doctor may suggest surgery only if a kidney infection blocks the urinary tract.


An individual who is having a kidney infection needs to take lots of fluids. By doing so, a person may prevent dehydration as well as fever at times. 

Therefore, people need to have an idea about the multiple treatment options that are available for kidney infections. Eventually, a doctor may suggest the best treatment plan for someone who is having a kidney infection. 

Is it possible to prevent Kidney Infection?

Mostly, an individual would have a kidney infection from a pre-existing condition in the urinary tract. Moving on, a person must try infection in the urethra or bladder for escaping kidney infection. Simultaneously, one may follow some tips that can help in preventing this disease.

Certain tips to prevent Kidney Infection may include the following:


An individual should regularly wash their genitals to ensure appropriate hygiene. Furthermore, people must avoid the use of deodorant sprays on the genitals at all costs.

Eat Fibers

One must feel the importance of consuming fiber for easing out bowel movements. Additionally, a person should note that constipation can become the utmost risky at times.

Sexual Intercourse

A person must realize that urinating after sexual intercourse becomes very essential. Moving on, an individual should also wash their genitals after having sexual intercourse.

Thus, people may prevent the occurrence of kidney infections by following the above preventive measures. Moreover, a person should talk to a urologist regarding the same.


People should remember that treatment for kidney infections can be done by a trained urologist. An individual needs to note down prime symptoms of kidney infection as well. Besides that, a person should go through the diagnostic tests used for kidney infections. Furthermore, one must follow the appropriate preventive measures for this disease. Eventually, an individual may consult the Best Nephrologist in Kolkata for treatment. 

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