Top 6 Drone Companies in California

1. Drone Surf

About Us – DRONESURF will produce a travel show based around coastal cities and different islands throughout the world. The travel show will highlight local cultural awareness, surf, sports, local cooking and cuisine, and yearly festivities. In each episode, we want to cover different territories including New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, China and India. We would like to cover Hawaii, Sri Lanka, and additional continents in the near future. Drone Surf is the best Drone Companies in California

Services – Rent from our selection of high-quality drones, equipment and accessories.  We can help you choose the right drone for your specific production needs.Leave it to the experts! Our team are trained and certified Part 107 UAV Drone Pilots; certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and are capable of getting your shot. We offer aerial photography, cinematography, and aerial inspections for any industry. Expert pilots in agriculture, oil and gas, search and rescue, security, defense, real estate, wildlife, and any new business.

Phone No – +13108737786


2. Nadardrone

About Us – At Nadar Drone Imaging our goal is to provide expert commercial drone service in major cities throughout the United States with an unparalleled level of service.  Unlike freelance pilots, we have dedicated staff members providing creative and technical services giving us a wide range of specialized capabilities.  We are not a drone pilot marketplace or referral service.  We build personal business relationships focusing on benefiting the client with product quality and service consistency you can rely on.

Services – Drones help speed up and lower the cost of land surveying and mapping services with the ability to maintain a high level of precision and accuracy.  From a single parcel to thousands of acres, we can provide imaging data to you or partner with your land surveyor, engineer or architect to augment their services to help lower costs and speed up service delivery.  Our data can be used to produce a wide variety of work products including orthomosaic photos  for detailed visual inspection of areas and topographic mapping.

Phone No – 877.516.2327


3. Drone Dudes

About Us – At Drone Dudes we specialize in remote aerial and ground cinematography solutions for the television, film & advertising industries. When we began, there was no licensing or regulations regarding drone flights. Early drones where called multi-rotors. We saw the possibilities for drones from these beginning days and worked passionately to help develop this new industry. Working closely with the FAA we aided in development of guidelines and safety measures used today. We were one of the first to hold an FAA 333 exemption allowing us to operate commercially as a business. Pilots today must hold and maintain an FAA part 107 remote pilot certification.

Services – We are happy to provide our clients with the best aviation and general liability insurance coverage in the business. Drone Dudes employees are additionally covered by a workers compensation policy to ensure proper care across the board making it easier for union or non-union productions to integrate us as a one-stop-shop. With modern day advancements in drone technology, directors, cinematographers, photographers and VFX teams can direct drones with precision into otherwise impossible or difficult scenarios. Our team together with the latest drone and cinematic technology can offer many benefits to your next project. We are passionate and committed to our craft. Client and creative relationships are of primary importance, we work hard to openly communicate and build trust. We thank you for your consideration and look forward to flying with you!

Address – 7900 Balboa Blvd Hangar Bravo 1, Van Nuys, CA 91406, United States

Phone No –  (866) 856-8465


4. Skyecam

About Us – Skyecam is a top industry-leading Los Angeles Drone Production Company with a team of highly experience aerial cinematographers, drone operators, camera operators, video editors and aerial dp based in Los Angeles, California in the heart of Hollywood who specialize aerial cinematography. Over 15 years ago founder JJ Trinidad developed a passion for aerial film making while attaching on-board cameras to a remote controlled aircraft. Equipped with the most advanced multirotor technology and camera stabilization systems redefines their dynamic aerial imagery.  Their experience, advanced piloting skills, engineering, extensive knowledge in radio control aviation and the ability to capture the moment brings Skyecam to the professional world of aerial film making.

Services – We utilize the latest cutting-edge UAS technology and carry a wide range of Drones most suited for cinematic aerial video and stunning aerial photography. Some are custom built, modified and tuned to various types of cameras, lenses and gimbals to maximize efficiency, flight time and high wind endurance. Each one of these UAV Aircraft has a special need. Some for tracking a moving vehicle, navigating indoors, night flights, aerial lighting effects, high speed, long range distances and some are made to carry high-end cinema cameras.

Address – 636 N Plymouth Blvd # 203, Los Angeles, CA 90004, United States

Phone No – +13236321310


5. Drone Techaerial

About Us – We are your experts in the drone space. Drone Tech is what happens when cinematography meets custom engineering and technology. With our knowledge, skill, and experience, you can be confident that we will master today’s toughest productions.Drone Tech Aerial was granted a waiver by the FAA under Part 107 to fly at night not only in Los Angeles but anywhere in the United States. Clients often request to fly at dusk into the night and this waiver allows production to stay in compliance. Any of the drone aircraft in our fleet can be utilized by any of our legal Part 107 pilots. Currently there is not a lot of drone service providers that can offer this service as it is not easy to obtain.

Services – No matter what your project is, we have you covered. DTAC is a Part 107 and FAA 333 Exempt company approved for motion picture and television. We are fully legal and fully insured so you can film with confidence.Flying at night does require more personnel to keep production in compliance, however it is now legally possible and offers an additional level of safety. This is achieved by creating a three person team, a legal drone pilot, a camera operator and a trained visual observer. Operating as a team allows each individual to concentrate on their own tasks while not being distracted by the complexities of flying at night.


Phone No – 310-748-9978 Randall Berkeley 818-667-9761


6. Drone Base

About Us – At DroneBase, we provide fast, affordable, and reliable data from the air so our customers can make better-informed, real-time decisions about their most critical assets.Leverage the world’s largest trained network of over 80,000 professional drone pilots. Operating in over 70 countries with thousands of hours of flight experience, DroneBase meets your needs anywhere, anytime.

Services – Drones have changed that. Today, anyone in the world has the potential to access the skies at will with a drone, and DroneBase aims to maximize the value of that space. Our mission – to provide fast, affordable, and reliable data – will accelerate the world to that envisioned future.We deliver high-resolution imagery and quality deliverables – whether we’re capturing panoramas, orthomosaics, or thermal imagery, DroneBase provides you with the detail you need when assessing your property’s condition.

Address – 1620 26th St Suite 1000N, Santa Monica, CA 90404, United States

Phone No – +13106843076


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