How To Use a Beard Trimmer

A well-groomed beard may be rather attractive. Facial hair is always a dramatic statement of style, from the precisely clipped goatee to the thick, full-neck warmer. That’s not to imply you should let a beard to its own devices.. Keep yours in check — and prevent Bluebeard comparisons – with our comprehensive beard trimmer.

beard trimmer provides the beard its form; otherwise, it’s merely hair sprouting from the face. If you trim your beard correctly, you’ll achieve an even length all throughout, as well as a good beard neckline, cheek line, mustache, and lipline. Here’s how to get started.

From the initial cut to mustache management, here’s how to trim your beard correctly.

Step 1

Comb or brush your beard

Brush or comb your beard while it’s still moist to remove knots and make flyaways more visible. A comb will suffice if your beard is short, but a brush may be required if it is long or thick. “Don’t pull the beard by brushing or combing too hard,” we advise, and always brush or comb in downward strokes in the direction the hair grows. we also suggest using a pick to “spread it out” and make flyaways more evident if your hair is very dense or wiry.

Step 2

This step is to trim your beard all around.

Your beard should be washed and dried. Starting with the longest hair length and gradually bringing it down is the finest technique to trim your beard. Trim your beard all over with your beard trimmer on the longest setting.

Go in the opposite direction of hair growth to get rid of excess bulk. Shorter trim settings should be used until you’re satisfied with the length

Step 3: Set the tone for your neckline.

Place a finger horizontally just over your Adam’s Apple and cut a vertical strip below this line for the proper beard neckline. Work your way outwards to one side of your jawline, then back to the middle, and work your way to the other side. This stage is only skipped if you have stubble; if you’re cutting a full beard, the neckline is crucial.

Step 4: Pick a cheek line that suits you.

Leave your beard cheek line alone if you’re comfortable with it. A straight or slightly rounded line to the bottom of your sideburns will give you an edgy, sharper look. Your face will seem longer if your cheek line is lower.

Step 5: Remember to keep your mustache trimmed.

You’re almost done, but don’t forget the mustache before you put down the tools. Trim the stache region with the same guard you used for your beard and downward strokes with the beard trimmer. “If you go against it, you’ll end up cutting it too short,” Mendoza explains. Then comb it down and remove any hairs that fall over your lips with scissors or a beard trimmer.

Step 6: Make Your Beard Look Good

Pick up a beard balm or beard oil instead of your equipment. “Then take another look at yourself,” we suggest, spreading a small quantity through your beard and combing it out again.