Famous 6 Manufacturing Companies in New York

1 Franco

About Us – Founded in 1952 by David E. Franco and his three sons, our company is now in its third generation. We remain committed to our well established legacy of product innovation, quality and service. We are also focused on evolving our business to fit the modern landscape in order to remain a competitive leader in our industry. Franco is best Manufacturing Companies in New York

Services – We pull from a vast range of resources that span the U.S. and overseas to provide the highest level of quality and design integrity in our industry. Our nationwide locations include 3 corporate showrooms, 2 corporate offices, as well as an overseas office.Our product experts are constantly hunting and gathering current trends, fabrication techniques, new inspiration sources, and researching consumer habits. All coming together to bring the brands to life in homes everywhere.

Address – 261 5th Avenue 6th Floor, New York, NY 10016, United States

Phone No – http://www.franco-mfg.com/

Website- http://www.franco-mfg.com/

2. Baum-essex

About Us –  Baum-Essex is a privately held corporation headquartered in the Empire State Building with a sixty year history as a manufacturer of rainwear, outerwear, umbrellas, dinnerware, cutlery, beach accessories, and natural fiber products. To facilitate international operations, Baum-Essex also maintains an office in Kowloon, Hong Kong that is staffed to meet our quality control needs.

We enforce strict standards in accordance with compliance from major retailers. Our wholly owned distribution center is located in Riverside, California and is full service and EDI automated with the latest logistical technology.

Services – We work with most major retailers worldwide 

INNOVATION / DEVELOPING We have an in house design team that focuses on innovation, quality, and design 

SOURCING / HONG KONG OFFICE We have a fully staffed Hong Kong Office with sourcing capabilities SAMPLING We work to provide our customers with product samples throughout the production process to ensure an ideal end product 

COSTING Our in-house sales team works to generate the best possible value for our customers 

QUALITY CONTROL Our Hong Kong Office inspects all our products prior to shipment to ensure the best possible quality 

SUPPLIER COMPLIANCE We adhere to strict industry-accepted ethical standards when manufacturing our products

Address – Empire State Building, 350 5th Ave #2400, New York, NY 10118, United States

Phone No – +12122390080


3 Circular Economy MFG

About Us –  MISSION Using a portable, renewably powered MicroFactory to locally produce well designed products from sustainable material cycles for the Circular Economy. ORIGIN Circular Economy Manufacturing is a start up company created after  winning a competition asking for ideas to turn NYC’s trash into products. The winning concept is a 100% solar powered MicroFactory capable of recycling single use plastic into durable eco-friendly products using our innovative, energy efficient, rotational molding process.

Services – Circular Economy Manufacturing (CEMfg) operates a proprietary solar-powered MicroFactory shipping container on Governors Island, NYC. Our off-grid operation rotationally molds consumer and urban infrastructure products from recycled single use plastic (such as laundry bottles) using a pioneering energy-efficient mold heating technology.

Manufacturing within our MicroFactory operation helps to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, advance zero-waste initiatives, provide local jobs, and create well designed products from our abundant plastic waste.

Address – 301 Comfort Rd, New York, NY 11231, United States


4 Propper MFG

About Us – The introduction of ultrasonic cleaning machines in the 1950s has led to a change in the future of cleaning. The versatility of the ultrasonic bath has made the machine popular among many industries. Accordingly, healthcare facilities have added ultrasonic baths to their extensive cleaning protocols. Read more on the Ultrasonic Bath’s growing importance in patient care. 

Services – We serve the traditional healthcare industry as well as dental, veterinary, biotech, pharmaceutical, and many other markets. Propper Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a top-trusted brand, bringing precision, reliability, and reproducibility to all our customers since 1935.

Our mission is to provide high-quality infection control products that will aid in the elimination of hospital-acquired infections. As a family-owned company, we strive to provide excellent customer service and products which meet the highest domestic and international standards.

Address – 36-04 Skillman Ave, Queens, NY 11101, United States

Phone No – +17183926650

Website- http://www.proppermfg.com/

5 Porcelanosa

About Us – Located in an affluent part of Manhattan, in the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue, next to Madison Square Park and opposite the Flatiron, the new flagship showroom headquarters by PORCELANOSA Group in New York is a building with a vivid and unique history. The architects Ely Jacques Kahn and Albert Buchman designed this building, spread out over six floors and over 1,500 square metres in 1918. Built during the First World War, it hosted the General Outdoor Advertising Company for a long period.

Services – products:-

  • Floor tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Solid surface
  • Wardrobes and dressings rooms
  • Building systems

Address – 202 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010, United States

Phone No –  +12126797200


6 Majestic Temps

About Us – What we do is simple; we make you and your company more efficient. By eliminating the need to advertise, interview and hire permanent employees, we save you the time, costs and hassles associated with personnel staffing. We take care of the entire interviewing, payroll, workmans compensation insurance and individual taxation, and you use our employees only when you need them. We save you money. Majestic Industries specializes in creating custom tailored solutions for your business.

Services – We take on all the staffing responsibilities, and you simply tell us how many employees you need and when. No worrying about interviewing candidates or paying unemployment, all you have to do is pay us for the hours/employees used on weekly basis, which will give you more time to concentrate on your business. Use our employees to get the job done and save thousands, by not paying overtime or vacation time. There are so many advantages of using our temps.

Address – 160 Broadway # 707, New York, NY 10038, United States

Phone No – +12126084373

Website- http://www.majestictemps.com/

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