Top 7 MBA Colleges in Florida Update 2022

1. Warrington

About Us – We see things differently. We view obstacles as opportunities, and face challenges with resolve. We bring the values of excellence, innovation and grit to whatever we choose to pursue. Because we have been built for significance. We’ve been made to perform.

Services – Our mission is to provide you with every conceivable resource so your full potential as a business leader is fulfilled. We surround you with stellar cohorts that will motivate you to be at your best. We offer exceptional career development opportunities that will put you in a position to attain your dream job. And because our cohort size is concentrated, our staff will be able to attend to your educational needs with a personal approach too often absent from nationally-ranked business schools.

Address – 1384 Union Road Bryan, Hall 100, Gainesville, FL 32611, United State


2. FAU

About Us – At the FAU College of Business, you don’t just study your chosen discipline in class: you live it. Writing business plans. Developing national polls. Solving financial challenges. Analyzing analytics to drive decision making. Working with your professors on rewarding research. Explore our AACSB-accredited business degrees. Apply for scholarships and financial aid. See how we prepare our graduates to lead people, progress and profitable new opportunities.

Services – Our Business Communications program builds your skills through specialized training and personalized coaching sessions to help you collaborate and lead more successfully. Our Career Development Center and study abroad programs offer you access to degree-related internships, international learning opportunities and job placement. Our innovative Research Centers convert your classroom learning into hands-on experience employers and clients respect. Adams Center for Entrepreneurship: Connect to both faculty and the business community through education programs, yearly business plan competition, mentorship programs and student-led community consulting projects. Business and Economics Polling Initiative (BEPI): Design and execute public opinion research polls, conducting surveys on business, economic, political, and social issues at regional, state and national levels. 

Address – 777 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33431, United States

Phone No – 561.297.3000


3. Barry

About Us – At Barry, our top priority is providing you with a high quality education in an environment conducive to your growth as a student and future professional. Our programs are designed to give you a solid foundation in the major of your choice. Beyond the fundamentals, we give you the tools to expand your knowledge, actively engage with the material, and hone critical thinking skills to expand your horizons.

Services – The General MBA provides you with an opportunity to customize your degree by choosing cross-discipline business electives. To earn the General MBA, you will be able to choose any three business elective courses (students must fulfill pre-requisites for certain elective courses) in addition to completing the MBA core courses (27 credit-hours).

Address – 11171-11281 N Miami Ave, Miami Shores, FL 33168, United States

Phone No – 305-899-3100 or 1-800-695-2279


4. Atlantis University

About Us – We’re recognized by employers, educators, and innovators for our high-quality university degree and certificate programs. But our most important praise comes from our students. Here, you’ll come face to face with influential thinkers and doers who, like yourself, seek nothing less than constant improvement and transformation. We could try to impress you with our beautiful Miami-based campus and our flexible virtual programs, and that would make us look great. But the truth is we are so much more than that.

Services – Your mind is restless. You don’t settle on what’s already established just because it is. Especially if you believe there’s a better way. Our business program offers you the opportunity to combine your interests in technology and business, develop your leadership skills, and immerse yourself in the digital ecosystem of Miami, Silicon Valley and New York City. In a nutshell, you’ll learn what it takes to thrive at every stage of your business career.

Address – 1011 Sunnybrook Rd, Miami, FL 33136, United States

Phone No – 1.855.287.3347 



5. San Ignacio University

About Us – San Ignacio University is an innovative educational institution dedicated to the creation of the leaders of tomorrow. Our mission is to provide our students with the innovative tools to succeed through distance education and blended learning by providing high-quality education in a local and global marketplace, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, and sharing multi-cultural experiences with competent professionals in their respective fields of study.

Services – 

To provide learning opportunities that help students create theory and practice, enabling them to respond ethically to contemporary issues and complex problems. 

• To offer online and on campus-based educational programs that meet the needs of diverse learners and support student success and completion. 

Exhibit a solid knowledge of professional skills that conform to established U.S. professional practices. 

• Establish and maintain high standards that comply with and exceed requirements set forth by the best practices from the public and private sectors. 

• Develop problem-solving techniques in real-world applications and demonstrate the ability to act as a team member.

Address – 3905 NW 107th Ave #301, Doral, FL 33178, United States

Phone No –  Telephone:  +1(305) 629-2929


6. Huizenga

About Us –Gain a powerful edge employers notice, whether you’re starting, growing or changing your career. Enroll at NSU and you’ll benefit from a business network of leaders, mentors and alums that can help you advance, grow your value, and lead where others follow. You won’t just get classroom knowledge and a piece of paper. You’ll get the real-world experience and skills to succeed in business.

Services – Our M.B.A. programs make your tomorrow better – starting today. Gain the competitive edge in your career by learning from established business leaders, gaining real-world experience, and earning a strong professional portfolio that will help you succeed in business.If you’re eager to be a difference maker in this ever-changing business world, then NSU’s One Year MBA program will help you get an edge even faster. This fast-track program is designed to be completed in only 11 months. Your courses will focus on core business principles, covering topics such as accounting, project management, entrepreneurship and more. See how you can prepare for today and tomorrow’s competitive marketplace.

Address – 3301 College Ave, Davie, FL 33314, United States

Phone No – Phone: 800-541-6682


7. FAU

About Us – The Florida International University College of Business remains worlds ahead in preparing Undergraduate and Graduate Business students, as well as, life-long executive learners for leadership roles in the global market. This is where entrepreneurial passion meets academic leadership… It’s the school U.S. News and World Report, Bloomberg Businessweek, CEO Magazine, Fortune Small Business, Hispanic Business and many other respected publications all rank as exceptional…It’s where you gain exciting new opportunities to stretch your capabilities on a bigger, more impactful scale … all within South Florida’s dynamic, high-powered business community..

Services – Prepare to compete and succeed on a global level. The daytime, one-year Full-time International MBA program is one of the best programs in the country—ranked No. 5 by U.S. News & World Report (2022). You’ll gain a deeper understanding of global business issues, and choose to study abroad or elect an internship experience at an international or multinational company. FIU Business reflects the world’s diversity – our students represent more than 130 countries, while our faculty members come from some 40 countries.

Address – 777 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33431, United States

Phone No – General Information: 305.348.2751

E-Mail –