Best 6 Raw Almond Companies in California

1 Harris Family Enterprises

About Us – Harris Family Farms, founded in Chowchilla, California in 1984, grew out of a family farming operation whose origins date back to The Great Depression, when Francis Harris moved his family out of Alabama to the Central Valley to try his hand at farming. Marion Harris, son of Francis, followed his dad into agriculture after serving in World War II.

Initially, Marion farmed in Tulare County and later as far away as Arizona, but he eventually brought the family back to its roots, moving everyone to Chowchilla in 1974. Today, while the business is a large, vertically integrated farming operation it is still, at heart, a family venture managed by President and CEO, Russell Harris, the grandson of Francis Harris. Harris Family Enterprises is Best Almond Companies in California

Services – Harris Family Enterprises is an experienced group of progressive companies, dedicated to quality farming and food production. Our singular focus on quality and our strategic vision places The Almond Company, The Nursery Company, The Hulling Company, and Harris Family Farms among the most successful agribusinesses of our kind.Our buyers can count on us for impeccable quality so they can add value to almonds that will ultimately be used to feed the world. Each buyer is valued and appreciated.

Address – 2900 Airport Dr, Madera, CA 93637, United States

Phone No – +15596741300


2 JD 

About Us – JD Almond Farms is a family run corporation. From your farm to our state-of-the-art plant, we provide the highest level of hulling, shelling and processing available to our valued customers. We maintain strict quality control of your almonds at every level of production. JD is best Almond Companies in California. JD is most popular Almond Companies in California

Services –Ensuring distribution of the best possible product for consumption.Because it takes a farmer to understand your needs. JD Almond Farms, quality almonds from our home to yours.

Services We Provide 

-Almond Hulling / Shelling & Processing Facility 

-Full Marketing & Sales service 

-Distribute Above Average Price to Growers 

-Reliable and Flexible Grower Pay Progam

Address – 11900 E Monte Vista Ave, Denair, CA 95316, United States

Phone No – +12096686899


3 Bapu-Almonds

About Us – Bapu Farming Co., INC started out as a family-owned business in 1988 with a small wine grape vineyard in Madera, CA. Since then, the farming operationMany of the almonds that pass through the facility come from our very own farms and having the ability to control quality from the orchard all the way to the processing is a rare find in this industry and is one of the many reasons for we are able to provide superior quality. The farming families we work with also provide high quality products and are respected as some of the best farming families in the area. We understand that the best almond products must come from the best Almond Companies in California.

Services – At Bapu Almonds, we understand that we are the last stop for some almonds before they become packaged and shipped out across the globe for your enjoyment. That is why we have invested in next generation optical sorting equipment and x-ray machines to ensure that you can eat our almonds without any fear. Our driving point is the passion we have to deliver the best products to our clients. We are continuously thinking of better ways to farm, handle, and deliver to your needs. With our current sorting capabilities we can make grade with 5/10 pieces per ton F.M. on top of US standard grades.

Address – BAPU Almonds, 24341 Ave 14, Madera, CA 93637

Phone No – Tel: (559) 661-1556


4 Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds

About Us – Here in the San Joaquin Valley, the warm days and cool nights work in harmony with the region’s naturally rich soils to create perfect growing conditions for the perfect snack — nuts that are heart-healthy and a good source of fiber, loved by consumers around the globe.

Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds is the world’s largest grower and processor of almonds and pistachios; in tandem with our Grower Partners, we farm 125,000 sunny acres (50,000 hectares) that deliver 450 million pounds (204 million kg) of nuts. Our speciality crops are grown, processed and marketed under one entity, Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds, ensuring the finest quality every step of the way — from our trees to your hearts.

Services –  Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds’ almonds are available in a complete line of natural, manufactured and in-shell products with a range of sizes and forms. Contact us so that we can help you with the right products and specifications for your needs.

As a grower partner, you will enjoy the benefit of the most modern and efficient processing facilities in the industry, resulting in:

  • Assurance your pistachios are processed at the optimal time, maximizing quality and grower profitability
  • Reliable trucking from orchard to plant
  • Efficient truck turn times (3-hour average)
  • 24-hour pack-out information available after truck delivery

Address – 13646 CA-33, Lost Hills, CA 93249, United States

Phone No – +16617976500


5 Pacific Almond

About Us – Pacific Almond, LLC is owned and operated by the Billings family. We are located at 14333 GP Road, Lost Hills, Ca 93249 (8 miles west of Hwy 33 on Hwy 46). If you would like a map please go to the link on our Contact tab. Pacific Almond is a custom Almond Huller and Sheller and a Raw Brown Skin & Inshell Processing Facility. Pacific is one of the top Almond Companies in California

Services – At Pacific Almond we have the ability to Custom Hull, Shell, Size, X-ray Sort, Laser Sort, Color Sort, Length Thickness Sort, Hand Sort and Pack your Raw Brown Skin Almonds and Inshell. Our inventory control system provides easily accessible up-to-date inventory reports, grower reports and provides accurate traceability of all products. We pack for further processing into 1 metric ton, 50 lb & 25 lb containers for Meats and 50 lb sacks for Inshell, all for different end user customers around the world.

After the product leaves the plant it may be used in many ways including roasted, confectionery, blanched, flavored, mixed with other nuts/fruits, sliced, or diced. Pacific Almond makes every effort possible through our HACCP and Food Safety programs to provide a safe and healthy product within the specifications communicated by the end-user.

Address – 14333 G P Rd, Lost Hills, CA 93249, United States

Phone No – +16614655661


6 Atlas almonds

About Us – Mallvinder is a Central Valley native and he has been farming since day one! He loves to spend time in the almond industry and is a graduate of the California Almond Board Leadership program. When you can’t find him in the almond orchard, you can find him eating a burrito from the local taqueria.With four generations of farming in the Central Valley our family is committed to serving the finest almond growers.

Services – We believe that quality is key and promise to deliver almonds set to your standards.Our almonds are processed using the state of the art equipment with the utmost safety and standards of excellence.While we may be local, we ship global and love sharing our almonds with consumers around the world.As almond growers ourselves, we understand the importance you place with us in trusting Atlas with your product.

We specialize in processing almonds including the following varieties: Nonpareli, Butte-Padre, Monterey, Independence, Carmel & Fritz.We believe in processing almonds with the utmost care using modern technology to produce the finest quality almonds. We care for our growers and appreciate their commitment as farmers. Atlas is here to help growers with all of your needs!

Address – 19483 Ave 12, Madera, CA 93637, United States

Phone No – +15593634076


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