Best 6 Robotics Companies in California

1 Dynamic Automation

About Us – Dynamic Automation & Robotics was founded in Simi Valley, California in 1986 by an inventor and innovative machine builder. His focus on customer satisfaction and designing for maintainability and reliability set the stage for 13 years of steady growth. In 1999, Dynamic Automation was purchased by Marc Freedman. Marc’s background in nuclear engineering brought a drive for innovation that led to significant strides in the company’s capabilities. As Dynamic has increased in market share over the years, they have had to relocate a number of times to accommodate the growth.  Dynamic Automation is best Robotics Companies in California.

Services – Dynamic Automation & Robotics is focused on customer satisfaction, service and support. Our all-inclusive project management style allows our customers to play a major role in engineering decisions throughout the life cycle of the project. Every machine comes with a custom operations manual including a preventative maintenance schedule. We offer short and long term service agreements and have decades of experience servicing our clients needs worldwide.

Address – 110 W Easy St, Simi Valley, CA 93065, United States

Phone No – +18055848476


2 FetchCore 

About Us – Fetch Robotics is the pioneer of On-Demand Automation. Fetch’s Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are used for optimized each picking in fulfillment centers, optimized case picking in distribution centers, just-in-time material delivery in manufacturing facilities, and automating manual material movement in any facility. FetchCore is best Robotics Companies in California.

Services – FetchCore is our cloud-based application for deploying, operating, and optimizing our entire portfolio of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for material handling automation and data collection. Monitor your entire Fetch Robotics AMR fleet across multiple warehouse and manufacturing environments, customize and schedule robot tasks, and gain actionable insights all within an app that runs on any web device with a compatible browser. With FetchCore, robots can begin operating in just hours – not days, weeks, or months.

Address – 2811 Orchard Pkwy, San Jose, CA 95134, United States

Phone No – +14083009056


3 Hairobotics

About Us – Established in 2016, Hai Robotics is committed to gathering global talents to push forward the progress of human civilization using robotics technology. It aims to empower every warehouse and factory with logistic robots. The HaiPick solution is the world’s first autonomous case-handling robot (ACR) system. It differs from other existing autonomous mobile robot solutions by intelligently identifying the desired totes and cartons, instead of the whole rack, and bringing them to the workstation autonomously. Hairobotics Established in 2016, is best Robotics Companies in California

Services – Products :-

  • Multi-layer ACR
  • Telescopic Lift ACR
  • Fork-lifting ACR
  • HaiQ Intelligent Software Platform
  • HaiStation Multi-function Workstation
  • HaiCharger Smart Charger

Address – 40748 Encyclopedia Cir, Fremont, CA 94538, United States

Phone No – +15105730295


4 Innovative robotics

About Us – Understanding the limitations imposed by most cleanroom robot producers, Innovative Robotics sought to provide a product that was more robust, more flexible, and easier to program since 1998. Today, the Silicon-Valley-based Innovative Robotics offers the market a US-patented, field-proven, best of breed wafer handling automation solution that serves semiconductor, LED’s, photovoltaics (PV), data storage and biotech industries.Innovative Robotics’ IR-820 family of robots & accessories were originally designed to satisfy the needs of equipment OEM’s who targeted the 300mm wafer processing market.

Services – According to Yole Développement’s new report, Thin Wafer Market & Applications, thinned wafers will be the majority of wafers in the market by 2016 as opposed to today’s 27%. They pointed out “the applications that require thin and ultra-thin wafers: MEMS, CMOS Image Sensors, 3D Packaging (incl. Interposers), Memories, RF Devices, Power Devices and LEDs…” One of the drivers for thin wafers is aggressive Through Silicon Via (TSV) pitch & diameters for high interconnect density. Wafer with TSV inherently become thin after back-grinding, in 3D wafer level packaging cases, the wafer thickness for an active device with TSV is on the order of 50 microns and TSV interposer wafer thickness in 2.5D is typically on the order of 100 microns.

Address – 2343 Bering Drive, San Jose, CA 95131, United States

Phone No – +14082008345


5 Todaro Robotics

About Us – At Todaro Robotics, we bring engineering and science together to create an automation solution that fits your needs.  From complex screening systems to simple workstations,  we create systems made from the best in class components and software.  Whether you need a standard testing solution or a custom robotics system, we are ready to be your partner from conception through successful deployment and operation.

Services – SYSTEM DESIGN AND ASSEMBLY Share your dreams with us and let us turn your automation or high throughput screening needs into reality. 

SYSTEM DEPLOYMENT AND VALIDATION After testing your new system at our factory, we will install your solution at your facility and thoroughly test its performance.

SERVICE AND SUPPORT Our relationship just begins with deployment. Todaro Robotics’ service professionals will be there for repair, fine tuning , and applications support. 

CONSULTING AND RESEARCH We can guide you through the procurement process when purchasing robotics or even help with new facility design. We have engineering and scientific expertise standing by to serve your needs and find solutions to opportunities.

Phone No – +18582161635


6 Fanuc america

About Us – FANUC America Corporation, headquartered in Rochester Hills, MI is the leading supplier of robots, CNC systems and factory automation. Founded in 1982, FANUC America has over 1,500 employees in the Americas.  Our team of automation professionals work in customer service, engineering, finance, human resources, IT, logistics, operations, manufacturing, product development, sales & marketing and training.On October 22, 2019, FANUC America hosted a Grand Opening of our new 461,000 square-foot facility in Auburn Hills, Michigan, in order to keep pace with the growing demand for robots and automation. 

Services – Whether you’re an automotive manufacturer, precision watchmaker or need to pack thousands of packages, automation can deliver the speed, safety and accuracy you need to succeed. It’s easy to see the advantages of CNCs and industrial robots. After all, they have been around for decades. In recent years, however, innovations have made them more flexible, easier to use, and affordable than ever. That means that no matter how big or small your business may be, FANUC has automation solutions that can improve your company’s productivity and profits.

Address – 15242 Connector Ln, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, United States


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